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Füsun Onomay

Füsun Onomay

Fisun Onomay, born in 1957 in Izmir, is living in Istanbul. She completed her marbling art education in seven years and received marbling art gratification in 2010.  In 2016, she completed the art section of the Küçükçekmece Academy of traditional arts. Currently, the artist who works in the Department of the same institution is on the Marmara region inventory list, the Masters of Turkey.

Since 2009, Mrs. Onomay has organized many personal exhibitions both in Turkey and abroad and participated in mixed exhibitions and received awards in marbling art.

The competitions and exhibitions she attended:

2010 The” eight stars” work prepared by A.K.B. agency was accepted to the “masters of today” exhibition and took place in June of the calendar of 2010.

2010 Her two works was exhibited in the Mustafa Esat Düzgünman competition organized by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality

2010 Her art called” Bosporus and Erguvan” was exhibited at the competition arranged by İKSV.

The Sadabad forensic work of the 2011 classical Turkish Arts Foundation in the “face of Istanbul” competition was the first was chosen for the collection.

2011 she exhibited his work “Istanbul and Erguvan” at the State Turkish decorative arts competition.

2012 Gaziantep Meeting competition “love gate” in his work

2012 Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Paris Sial designed logo, forehead and board articles for the 2012 food fair with “marbling art” together with a friend. Exhibition and performance at the fair;

2013 İSMEK “Istanbul and art “16th in the branch competition, his art called “kaftan” was named was chosen as third.

2013 He received a Success Award in the State Turkish decorative arts competition.

2013 Mardin exhibition and performance within the scope of the World Water Forum  

2014 masters of the future in the traditional arts competition.

2014 exhibited exhibitions and performances in Malaysia within the scope of Turkish Cultural days.

2015 In the 18th Competition of State Turkish Decorative Arts he won the first award.

Under the 2016 spring events, Liverpool, she exhibited and performed.

2017 she exhibited his works at 9 different exhibitions in America, Naples National Art Festival, and mixed media. She won the first award at National Art Festival de Award of Distinction 2D award, at ARTSFEST30 festival

In the 2017, at Paris Luvr Museum, a work was exhibited in the PAKS Gallery within the scope of Contemporary Art Fair in Carousel exhibition.

2017 19.In The Competition of State Turkish Decorative Arts he won the first award.

She participated in12 personal exhibitions at abroad, 5mixed, 7 personal and 54 mixed exhibitions.

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